Gas System Safety Seminars

Following is an outline of the topics covered by our gas system operators training course:

  • Using gas systems safely and legally.
  • An introduction to the relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice with an explanation of the difference between them.
  • Definitions and terminology.
  • The duties of owners of gas systems.
  • An explanation of the hardware and devices in a gas system.
  • How regulators work and their function.
  • Protective devices in a gas system.
  • Selecting the correct regulator for the work at hand.
  • Operating and replacing regulators.
  • Handling and changing cylinders.
  • Recognising the risks from exposure to stored energy.
  • Mitigating the risks from asphyxiating, flammable, toxic and corrosive gases.
  • An introduction to the correct use of fittings.
  • Examples from our “Rogue’s Gallery”!

The training takes approximately three and a half hours, including some practical work on your own systems. The cost of the training is £900.00 + VAT per session and there is no limit on the number of attendees.

If you require any further information or a formal quotation, contact us on 01259 222600 or email