How does smartservice work?

First we help you to select a basic maintenance plan. This will be either smartservice prevent or smartservice routine. Then we help you decide which other modules you might require such as the Breakdown and Performance Verification modules.


smartservice prevent is the preferred option for most customers. Keeping production critical instruments running at optimum performance with minimum downtime is vital. If this is the case in your laboratory smartservice prevent is the ideal maintenance plan for you. With smartservice prevent the emphasis is on prevention, to minimize the chances of a breakdown arising by carrying out extra checks on your instruments. We are so confident that smartservice prevent will reduce your breakdowns that we will include the optional breakdown module (+BD), at a reduced rate.

  • One enhanced preventive maintenance visit, including travel and labour.
  • Extended checks on power supplies, fans, fuses, heaters etc.
  • Emergency breakdown labour and travel at 10% less than the standard rate.
  • Technical & application support.
  • +BD Module can be purchased at reduced rate.



We recognize that sometimes laboratories have instruments which are used less frequently or are not production critical but are still important to your operations. If this sounds like you, smartservice routine could be the ideal maintenance plan.

smartservice routine includes:

  • One routine maintenance visit,including travel and labour.
  • Emergency breakdown labour and travel at 10% less than the standard rate.
  • Technical & application support.


Optional Modules

In addition to your base maintenance plan you may have specific requirements for additional services. Instead of including them as standard we offer them as optional modules, allowing you to select and therefore pay, for only what you need.

To help plan your budget you may want to add the +BD breakdown module to your maintenance plan. This includes travel and labour for any breakdowns throughout the year.

If your laboratory requires performance verification the +PV module is for you.  It includes performance verification of your system, validated against written criteria.