HT3000A Liquid Autosampler

HT3000A is an automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques, that takes advantage of today’s latest technology to deliver reliability, performance and flexibility.

Easy to use Just load your samples and run the analysis with no extra down time.

HTA is the first to offer GC liquid autosampler with a large, full-color touch screen interface, providing easier system accessibility and usability. In fact touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control for novices and experienced users.

Leader in compactness and sample capacity

HT3000A is the most compact autosampler on the market (no requirement for additional bench space) while offering top-class sample capacity. HT3000A is available in the standard version with 121 positions for 2ml vials, while optional racks are also available. For different sample capacity please check HT3100A (15 vials) or HT3200A (209 vials).

Support all GCs of your lab

It can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available on the market through its flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured serving up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC.

Fast injection technology

HT3000A can help you process samples more quickly and get better data too. HT3000A is the fastest liquid autosampler available on the market: injection is performed in less than 100ms. Fast-injection technology ensures the best possible peak shape, while maximizing the accuracy of your results.


It uses different kind of syringes with volume from 500 nanoliters to 100 microliters. It allows to handle the most sophisticated sampling and injection techniques such as:

  • Sampling: ambient headspace, multi-phase, small volume
  • Injection: priority, with the internal standard technique, dual simultaneous injections (high-throughput and confirmation mode)
  • Controlled sampling speeds to work with a wide range of sample viscosities
  • Syringe washes: with sample or with solvent, single or double wash step capability

Applicable but not necessary for operation:
Drivers are available which allow operation of HT3000A Series from within Chemstation (Rev.B or higher) OpenLab, Chemstation and many other Chromatography Data Systems.  HTA Autosampler Manager Software is also available to operate the HT3000A Series outwith the data handling environment.


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HT3000A Liquid Autosampler

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