There is a requirement for gas cylinders to be locked away when not in use and a number of things to consider when designing a gas cage and in choosing a suitable location. These include the number of cylinders to be stored, the types of gas and the surrounding environment. We can advise you on the correct type of cage and where it should be located to ensure Codes of Practice being complied with.

Our custom-built gas cylinder cages are manufactured from galvanised steel and are made to your specifications. They are suitable for all environments where there is a requirement to securely store gas cylinders. We offer an installation service to ensure all cages are correctly and securely installed.

If required, our team of gas engineers can strip out your existing manifolds, replace your cage and re-install your manifolds, fully leak-testing them to ensure minimum down-time and leak-free gas systems.

A range of options is available, including:

  • Any size
  • With or without a roof
  • The size and number of doors
  • A galvanised grid floor
  • A full Installation service