smartservice prevent

As the preferred option for the majority of our customers, smartservice prevent minimises downtime and ensures the optimal performance of your production critical instruments.  the emphasis is on prevention, minimising breakdowns by carrying out an extensive range of checks.  For the instruments you cannot afford to have out of action, smartservice prevent is the ideal plan.  We are so confident that smartservice prevent will reduce your breakdowns that we will include the optional breakdown module (+BD), at a reduced rate.

  • An enhanced preventive maintenance visit, including travel and labour.
  • Extended checks on power supplies, fans, fuses, heaters etc.
  • Emergency breakdown labour and travel at 10% less than the standard rate.
  • Technical & application support.
  • +BD Module can be purchased at reduced rate.


smartservice routine

We recognize that sometimes laboratories have instruments which are used less frequently or are not production critical but are still important to your operations. For these we have created our value-focussed smartservice routine plan; ensuring instruments that are used less often remain in prime working condition, for when you do need them.

smartservice routine includes:

  • One routine maintenance visit,including travel and labour.
  • Emergency breakdown labour and travel at 10% less than the standard rate.
  • Technical & application support.


Optional Modules

For specific requirements that go beyond our two Core Service Plans, we offer additional cover to meet your exact needs. These Optional Cover Modules ensure that those who need them can receive the best cover possible, while those who don’t are not charged for unnecessary services.

+BD Breakdown Cover

This module helps remove the guesswork from your laboratory’s operating budget. +BD includes travel and labour for all breakdowns, throughout the entire year.

+PV Performance Verification

If your laboratory requires performance verification our +PV module is an ideal addition to your servicing plan. Our experts will evaluate and verify the performance of your instruments.

We deliver a smarter service because of our key strengths:

Experience, Qualifications & Accreditations. Our engineers each have an average of 19 years experience. They have a wide, ever-expanding range of expertise, due to our strong commitment to hiring only the best engineers and providing ongoing training and skills development. This maintains our high first time fix rate and therefore reduces your downtime.

Experienced support staff & service software. It is not only the experience of our engineers that is second to none; the service support team are professionals, who in using our Service Management Software, ensure you experience a seamless service.

Flexible Service Contract. We work with you to develop the appropriate service level agreement for your equipment and needs, taking into consideration such factors as age and type of equipment, operational importance and budget. This approach ensures that you only pay for the level of service needed to meet your requirements. We can also offer two or three year plans, saving you even more.

Nationwide Coverage and Response. Our strong service team is located throughout the UK. We are able to cover all your sites and can respond to critical issues promptly. It is this ability to respond quickly which has earned us a 97% repeat business rate for our service customers.

Multi-manufacturer Servicing. We cover a wide range of instruments including a large number which the manufacturers list as “obsolete”. Owing to our large warehouse stock of parts we can help increase your instrument life-span.

Technical Support. We have a trained team ready to provide technical support over the phone which can save you time and money by reducing the need for call outs.

Application Support. Our experienced team of chromatographers are on hand to help solve your application problems, giving you more productive time in the lab.

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