Lab Master Autochange Manifold - Up To Grade 5.0 Gas Purity
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Lab Master autochange manifolds are designed for use on systems using non-corrosive, high purity (up to grade 5.0) gases. The manifold comes complete with a pressure reduction package that offers a compact, easy to install manifold system, whilst ensuring full compliance with current standards and BCGA Codes of Practice.

The manifolds offer the user an uninterrupted gas supply with an alarm option to indicate the reserve cylinder bank has taken over. Manufactured to operate in conjunction with cylinders filled up to 300 bar and with the stainless steel and nickel plated brass construction are ideally suited to the requirements of laboratory and process appliactions where cylinder gases are used. The standard manifolds are designed to accommodate 2 equal sized banks of cylinders with sizes ranging from 2 x 1 to 2 x 6 with one bank set as duty and the other bank set as reserve.


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Lab Master Autochange Manifold - Up To Grade 5.0 Gas Purity

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