Ekom - DK50 2V Mobile Oil Free Compressor

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Compressor designed for demanding air supply of laboratories, autosamplers, robots, printing/folding-equipment etc.

 DK50 2V MOBILE –  Compressor DK50 2V in soundproofing box, mobile 

Technical specification DK50 2V MOBILE
nominal voltage 230V/ 50 (60) Hz  
110V/ 60 Hz  
output of the motor: 0,55 kW  
compressor efficiency 140 l.min– 1/ 5 bar  
working pressure of compressor * 6 – 8 bar  
operation mode S1-100%  
air tank capacity 25 lit.  
noise level 59 dB A  
weight 97 kg  
dimensions (w x d x h) 550x700x860 mm  



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Ekom - DK50 2V Mobile Oil Free Compressor

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