PG Plus 160 Hydrogen Generator
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The PG Plus 160 Hydrogen Generator provides superior performance with proprietary electrolytic cell technology combined with high quality components and a unique hydrogen drying solution.

▪︎ Flow rate 160 mL/min
▪︎ Purity >99.9996%
▪︎ Pressure up to 11 barg (160 psig)
▪︎ Minimal maintenance
▪︎ Unique drying membrane - no desiccant cartridges required
▪︎ Unique 100% titanium electrolytic cell
▪︎ 2 year standard warranty


Flow mL/min 160
Purity >99.9996%
Dew point at 7 barg (100 psig) -25ºC (-13ºF)
Outlet pressure barg (psig) 0.5 to 11 (7 to 160)
Technology PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) - 100% Titanium cell
Drying system Regenerative Permeation Membrane
Deionized water quality minimum <1 μS/cm @25ºC - 1 MΩ-cm@25ºC - ASTM II
recommended <0.2 μS/cm @25ºC - 5 MΩ-cm @25ºC - ASTM II
Internal water tank liters 2.5
Safety Automatic shut down - internal/external hydrogen leak, overpressure and low water
Display Touch screen with operating parameters, system status and safety alarms
LED indicators Power on/off, system ready, errors
Interface USB mod A
Electrical supply 110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
Power consumption watts 95
Dimensions mm (in) 230W x 507H x 370D (9W x 19H x 15D)
Product weight kg (lb) 13 (28.5)
Shipping dimensions mm (in) 580W x 570H x 400D (22.8W x 22.4H x 15.7D)
Shipping weight kg (lb) 17 (37.5)
Operating temperature ºC (ºF) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Outlet connection 1/8" Compression
Certification CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant)
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PG Plus 160 Hydrogen Generator

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