HT2000H - Headspace Autosampler

Designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of robustness and ease of use, the HT2000H represents the ideal solution for headspace injection in GC analysis.

The user places the sample vials in the tray. The vials are picked up by the autosampler gripper and placed in the oven where they are simultaneously heated and shaken in order to facilitate the state change and to reach the equilibrium. Then, the syringe aspirates the head space vapors from each vial and injects them into the GC injector. Finally the vials are automatically put back in the tray while a syringe cleaning procedure is activated.

To obtain the highest sample throughput, the progressive sample transfer into the oven assures that one sample is heated while the previous one is analyzed. As a consequence, the waiting time between each run is avoided. Up to 6 vials can be heated simultaneously in the oven.

HT2000H stands for its high repeatability (RSD up to <1%) and for its minimal carryover.

HTA's proven superior headspace technology is based on a high performing gastight syringe:

  • Through a short flow path, it eliminates any source of error, such as vial pressurization, valve switching, loop filling or transfer lines assuring repeatability and continuity of the operations.
  • It allows sequential injections even of samples featuring highly dissimilar characteristics and it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes.
  • Moreover, vial leakage check – a proprietary technology - can be included in your method. In such a scenario, the pressure inside vials of the same batch is monitored by an heuristic procedure in order to check against anomalous values that are indicative of a vial leakage problem.

Applicable but not necessary for operation:
Drivers are available which allow operation of HT2000H Series from within Chemstation (Rev.B or higher) OpenLab,  Chemstation and many other Chromatography Data Systems. HTA Autosampler Manager Software is also available to operate the HT2000H Series outwith the data handling environment.

Also available as special sampler HT2000HT, featuring an upper sample preparation temperature of 300C, for high temperature applications such as high boiling compounds and polymer analysis, or heat-induced degradation studies.



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HT2000H - Headspace Autosampler

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