HT2100H - Headspace Autosampler (Entry Level)

Analyzing a small number of samples? Get headspace precision and performance with a system that is the perfect size for your needs. HT2100H offers automation for processing up to 14 samples unattended.

The system is fully self-contained and can be interfaced with almost any gas chromatograph, regardless of the GC brand or model. It can be configured serving up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC. Furthermore it can be easily moved between GCs, also of different brands, when workload changes.

Easy-to-use controls for minimal operator training. A simple, easy to use keypad lets you start your analysis by just pushing the START button. All the samples in your rack will be automatically processed. Quick sets of autosampler parameters can be done by the free PC control, HTA Autosampler Manager, provided together with the HT2100H, while all routine operations can be managed by using the dedicated keypad (analysis start and sample loading).

Advanced features such as the system integrity test, progressive mode, adjustable sample volumes and vial leakage check are also included in the standard version.


The vials are individually lifted into the heating zone to ensure constant heating time and are immediately returned to their position after injection. Furthermore, a vial can be heated during the GC run of the previous vial specified in the sequence, resulting in a decrease in time between two consecutive GC runs.

HT2100H vs. manual headspace

HT2100H is the cost-and quality effective alternative to manual headspace. Manual sampling techniques are simple and inexpensive. They are also tedious and subject to human error and they are not able to provide robust and consistent data. Automation, in contrast, ensures consistent and reliable results; it also frees laboratory personnel for more productive tasks. These are the reasons why HT2100H should be your headspace choice.

Please notice. HT2100H is the entry level version and can not be upgraded with a larger sample capacity.

Applicable but not necessary for operation:
Drivers are available which allow operation of HT2100H Series from within Chemstation (Rev.B or higher) OpenLab, Chemstation and many other Chromatography Data Systems.  HTA Autosampler Manager Software is also available to operate the HT2100H Series outwith the data handling environment.



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HT2100H - Headspace Autosampler (Entry Level)

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