HTA 2100H Static Headspace Autosampler
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HTA’s 2100H headspace autosampler provides unattended analysis of up to 14 samples for GC and GCMS applications. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), it offers superior performance, high reliability and unmatched usability.

This entry-level version of the 2000 Series headspace autosamplers is built upon the same platform as its bigger brothers, providing laboratories who carry out manual headspace injection, or who have lower sample throughput, a quality solution which helps improve injection reproducibility, precision and method robustness, while having adequate capacity to automatically take care of laborious calibration procedures.

Variable injection volume and short sample flowpath is provided by the use of a gas-tight syringe for sample introduction.

A virtual keypad wizard guides the operator through the process of syringe replacement when required.

HTA’s autosamplers are the most compact GC headspace autosampler on the market, freeing up valuable bench space, and permitting unrestricted access for maintenance on GC detectors and inlets.

Easily installed on almost any make/model of GC or GC/MS system available in today’s market, these can be configured to serve up to two inlets on most of the supported GCs.

Drivers are available which allow operation of the 2000 Series from within several OEM Chromatography Data Systems (CDS).  Optional HTA Autosampler Manager Software is available to operate the 2000 Series outwith the data handling environment. The system can also be run as a standalone instrument via the user interface in conjunction with your existing GC software package.

The HTA Autosampler Manager software adds automated method development and headspace vial leakage check functions to the attributes of these systems.

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HTA 2100H Static Headspace Autosampler

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