HT1500U Series: Flow-Through Cell Autosamplers for Spectroscopy
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The HT1500U series of autosamplers can be used in a number of flow-through-cell applications, such as UV-VIS, NIR, colorimeters and more, to boost your sample throughput.

HT1500U is the best choice for anyone who is looking for immediate automation, potentially avoiding the need to source an expensive sipper.

Available in multiple configurations to suit your sample size and throughput, this sampler can be tailored to your requirements, including options for:

  • choice of fluidics to deal with different sizes of flow through cells
  • stainless steel or polymeric needles for metal sensitive applications
  • on-board solvent reservoir or solvent vials
  • open or sealed tubes compatibility

 The HT1500U series comes with HTA Autosampler Manager, a software package for method programming.

 A simple, easy-to-use keypad allows you to start the analysis by simply loading your samples and pushing the START button. All samples in the racks will be automatically processed. Several options for integration with your instrument and data acquisition software are available.

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HT1500U Series: Flow-Through Cell Autosamplers for Spectroscopy

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