Shimadzu UV-1900
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Easy to Operate, Obtain Answers Easily and Rapidly

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, easy to operate with an ergonomic touch-screen display. 

High Performance to Meet Diverse Needs

Performance at the highest level in its class.  Ultra fast scan performance, capable of obtaining high-accuracy spectra in just a few seconds.

Low Stray Light

Stray light is at 0.5% max. (198nm), twice as low as the performance level of the UV-1800.  With this stray light reduction, accurate measurements are possible up to the vicinity of 2 Abs even in the ultraviolet region.  In addition, high-concentration samples can be quantified accurately.

High Reproducibility and Repeatability Accuracy

The photometric repeatability accuracy is 0.0002 Abs max.  (0.5 Abs and 1.0 Abs), an improvement of five times over the performance level of the UV-1800.  With high photometric repeatability accuracy, variance in the measurement results is suppressed, enabling more accurate quantitation and the detection of low-concentration samples.

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Shimadzu UV-1900

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