Perkin Elmer Turbomatrix 16 Headspace Autosampler (1)

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The entry-level Turbomatrix 16 headspace autosampler accommodates standard 9mL or 22mL sample vials and holds up to 16 vials, with overlapping thermostatting of one vial.

  • Programmable power-saving and gas-saving Economy Mode.
  • Automatic system and vial leak checks performed before analysis provide assurance of precision and sensitivity. 
  • This autosampler uses pressure-balance technology for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability. Pressure-balance provides rapid transfer of analytes to the GC without re-equilibration in a gas-sampling valve or syringes. The injection amount is programmable by time or by volume without requiring any hardware change.

This autosampler is compatible with many makes/models of GC with the use of the appropriate interface and cabling options.

As with all of our reconditioned equipment, this system comes with a 90 day parts and labour warranty (options to extend the warranty are available).





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Perkin Elmer Turbomatrix 16 Headspace Autosampler (1)

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