Agilent HP6890 Gas Chromatograph

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This reconditioned Gas Chromatograph is configured with a capillary injector and Flame ionization detector.

As with our other reconditioned GC's this instrument comes with a three month extendable parts & labour warranty.

Additional options available with this instrument including Autosampler, Data handling and various injectors & detectors:

  • On-column injector
  • PTV Injector
  • Flame Photometric Detector
  • Electron Capture Detector
  • Micro Electron Capture Detector
  • Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector

For autosampler options available click here.  


  • This system is also available with Clarity data handling software.
  • Speck and Burke can offer a complete solution including delivery, installation and training, reducing implementation time.  
  • Our smartSERVICE maintenance contracts provide ongoing reliability and performance. Find out more here
  • Speck and Burke can also install your laboratory gases. We use computer modelling to produce customised and efficient systems.
  • We offer worldwide shipping.

As with all our reconditioned equipment this system comes with a 90 day parts and labour warranty, offering you peace of mind (options to extend warranty available).


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Agilent HP6890 Gas Chromatograph

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