Agilent 5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) GCMS System with Autosampler

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The Agilent 5975T LTM GCMS system delivers the same reliability, high performance and quality results as the standard 5975 Series GCMS system, but is more than one-third smaller than the conventional configuration, saving valuable bench space.

Additionally, the 5975T has a power consumption requirement of around 50% of the 5975 systems.

LTM technology allows faster GC analysis and higher sample throughput. By providing dramatically faster temperature ramp rates, LTM technology shortens GC cycle times

7650 Autosampler permits unattended injection of up to 50 samples.

This system is supplied with Masshunter software for system control, monitoring and data processing, a new Windows 10 PC, reconditioned vacuum pump and a DB-5ms LTM column.

System Specifications

  • 1.8u to 1050u mass range for the greatest range of applications
  • Rapid heating (up to 1200 °C/min) and cooling for faster analysis
  • Transportable and highly reliable for quick response in the field
  • Proprietary LTM technology allows for direct, rapid heating (up to 1200°C/min) and cooling for faster on-site analysis
  • Gold true hyperbolic quartz quadrupole provides unsurpassed performance and reliability for on-site measurement
  • Classical EI spectra using quadrupole technology delivers NIST searchable spectra of unknowns
  • 50 Vial-Position 7650 Autosampler

As with all of our reconditioned equipment, this system comes with a 90 day parts and labour warranty (options to extend the warranty are available).



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Agilent 5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) GCMS System with Autosampler

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